Sunday, June 1, 2008


So the boys have been cranking on getting our house framed up. We've had a few funny issues with neighbors and their kids but so far nothing too serious. The crew lost about 4 days due to some weird rain storms that have been hanging around, but it looks like we'll be done framing this week.

We've been having fun selecting all the finishing touches and can't wait to see them all go in.

The garage is the most exciting for me as there is plenty of headroom now for the skateramp which will fill the entire 3rd car portion of the garage. With a garage door on each side it should be easy to cool things off in the summer. Plans are to have audio and video strung into the garage so we can record Keyan shredding to the server and then check out his steez later.

Recently we've come to appreciate the view this lot offers, from the 2nd floor you can basically see the entire Wasatch Front, from the U to Timp - stoked!

Check out the pictures and the pano video :)

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SC/TC said...

amazing view !!! will rampy be ready for our xmas visit! could i have a skate on your new ramp for xmas
miss you BA !!!!