Adams Family Fun 2007

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Commercial Break

Sorry for the lack of updates things have been crazy :)

While the flurry of new photos and words are being compiled please take a moment to enjoy a link from our sponsor (ps - the site may not be migrated to the new host yet so in the interim check this out - the key to kiddooddle)

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sariah's noises :)

Sariah - makes a grand entrance

On Tuesday, July 22nd at 5:59 PM (a minute early, so she must be more Ariazand than Adams) Sariah Margaret Adams was born. After 4 days of labor where Sariah would go from head up to head down everytime she was checked Dr Watts recommended a C-Section. We sure are grateful he did as she had her chord wrapped around her neck twice!

Later Mahdis had some complications and had to go back into surgery but is doing great! More on that later. Sariah is calm, loves to sleep and eats really well. Many people say she looks like Ammon with a little Keyan for good measure. She has dark hair like both of her Grandpas and may possibly have Krebs eyes, looks like the middle name may apply nicely.

On the funny side, I had to throw a little french flair into the getup, and I found instruction for C-Section Prep, that show where to shave the GUY, wait, what? How can a Guy get a C Section :). This one is going to Jay Leno. Check out some shots and videos and stay tuned for more.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

School's out for...

Keyan and Ammon celebrate the last day of School with a big party at Sugar House Park.

Then with summer comes all kinds of fun, like running through the sprinklers, sneaking the camera,
and Lego creations. Keyan is helping me build a website to showcase all his artwork, and even sell some of it. Check out his store by clicking me!

Finally the Summer of 2008 will go down in history for our family as the year Princess Sariah joined our family and the year we finished her castle. Mahdis has been doing her best to fight off the heat and has actually been feeling really good lately. The contractions are getting stronger and that tends to wipe her out for a while but she still finds the energy to play with the boys.

As for the castle things are progressing as well. Windows, doors, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and the roofing are all nearing completion. We even got the fireplace in! We found out the water in Riverton is like drinking from Utah Lake (which if you've never been it doesn't really have a bottom, just increasing levels of sludge). In other words we've had to install quite the water purification system at the last minute. Regardless of various issues that have come up we are getting very excited to move in!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ammon Soccer

Ammon got to play on the soccer team coached by Mondis. He and Emma really tore it up. Ammon had the good fortune of scoring the winning point in the game of the season. All's well that ends well.

He really enjoyed running and kicking, but most of all, he loved it when the ball went out of bounds or was out of play and none of those kids could go anywhere. So he had a built in audience and victim pool. He loved to tickle them, ask them what their name was, play tricks on them and just have fun.

He'll be back!


So the boys have been cranking on getting our house framed up. We've had a few funny issues with neighbors and their kids but so far nothing too serious. The crew lost about 4 days due to some weird rain storms that have been hanging around, but it looks like we'll be done framing this week.

We've been having fun selecting all the finishing touches and can't wait to see them all go in.

The garage is the most exciting for me as there is plenty of headroom now for the skateramp which will fill the entire 3rd car portion of the garage. With a garage door on each side it should be easy to cool things off in the summer. Plans are to have audio and video strung into the garage so we can record Keyan shredding to the server and then check out his steez later.

Recently we've come to appreciate the view this lot offers, from the 2nd floor you can basically see the entire Wasatch Front, from the U to Timp - stoked!

Check out the pictures and the pano video :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Flatwork was done on our house, today the framing starts. Always nice to see some neighbor kids' bike tracks in your new basement floor :)