Sunday, September 21, 2008

Commercial Break

Sorry for the lack of updates things have been crazy :)

While the flurry of new photos and words are being compiled please take a moment to enjoy a link from our sponsor (ps - the site may not be migrated to the new host yet so in the interim check this out - the key to kiddooddle)

Buy Keyan's art on all kinds of swag!!! click here!!!


ayme & jim said...

I love the new artwork Keyan! I know what Jim is getting for Christmas!!! Tell me more about the design with the firey super hero...We miss you guys!

JanaMarie said...

What a fun idea, you guys are way fun!!!

I have changed my Glass House blog address to : , I still have the Glass House Renovations Blog:

I am eventually getting rid of the janica217 address! Take note!

Glass House said...

Hey post some pictures of your new house!